SHW Trading

Copper Wire Scrap

We supply bare bright copper from Dubai, UAE to all over the world. Stone Hill Worldwide General Trading is known for its quality maintenance among its trading partners. The copper we deal in is in the form of bright copper wire. Our premium bare bright wire is oxidation free and refined to its pure export quality form. It is easy to bend and has a high current carrying capacity due to increased conductivity.

Our bright copper wire is the end product of a strict monitoring inspection. The copper cable scrap is processed through our processing plants to ensure the stability of the copper wire. All the necessary steps are involved in maintaining high-quality controls. We source both pure copper and copper cable scrap from reliable dealers, which is inspected and graded at our processing units. It is chemically analyzed to ensure desired purity levels. Only the best quality copper leaves our facility for shipment.

We believe in using industry specific techniques to promote the sustainable use of copper materials. The role of copper is becoming more prominent as the global shift is seen towards a more sustainable future. It is the material of choice for present and future industrialists. Copper is rendered as a key metal in building infrastructures be it industrialization or electrification. Its demand increases day in, day out. We pride in being a part of the extensive supply chain and to be known as a reliable trading partner in the trading business world.

Through research and development, we aim at supplying A-grade bare bright copper to the end-user in the global copper market. We are committed to promoting good market practices with the help of our dedicated and professional team. Maintaining quality following the international standards gives us an edge over our competitors in controlling our costs and offering better prices to our customers.