SHW Trading

Scrap Metal Supplier

Stone Hill Worldwide General Trading in Dubai offers metal scrap mostly in the form of bulk supply to national and international customers. Our metal scrap includes metals like tin, nickel, lead, bare bright copper, aluminum, zinc and many more. We purify the metal up to LME grade Quality and ensure 99.9% purity levels. When it comes to non-ferrous metals in Dubai, Stone Hill Worldwide General Trading is a credible name in the trading market.

The only reason we offer superior quality products to our customers is that we invest in prime quality metal scrap supply. We are your most reliable spot to get quick and efficient delivery of the best quality ingots, bars, compressed blocks, pallets or granules of any metal in your required volumes. We strive to make our service most consistent and smooth to supply you with desired bulk of product exactly where you need it.

Our smelting sites are run under the strict observation of the professionals in the field. They ensure a careful process of passing the metal scrap through proper recycling plants. We believe in the recycling of metal scrap to ensure the recovery of non-renewable metals in the environment. In this way, there is lesser stress upon the natural deposits and the needs of the world are also addressed. Regulating a sustainable cycle of withdrawing, using and recycling is a responsible way of giving back to the environment and maintaining a stable consumption pattern.

Having a stable reputation in the international market makes us the first and foremost choice of clients around the globe. We aim to fulfil your metal scrap requirements with all the possible ease of delivery and charges. SHW aims at satisfying our customers and deliver them exactly what they ask for at market competitive prices. We believe in working and growing stronger together.