SHW Trading


Stone Hill is the top distributor of vape supplies in the UAE, including tanks, E-liquids, starting kits, accessories, and hardware for vaping. Providing excellent customer service and high-quality products are our primary priority. We offer the widest selection of liquids to our retail customers in the UAE, with the best tastes offered in a range of nicotine levels and base liquid combinations. We get fresh juices and hardware from producers every day, and we give you the exact same products that we ship to stores all throughout the country. Rather than waiting for the products to be in stock at another retailer, buy them straight from the supplier.

We provide an extensive assortment of vaping products from well-known global brands. All of the products we sell meet the strict safety and quality standards set forth in the UAE.

Do you have a craving for your favorite e-liquid but your neighborhood vape shop is out of stock? Not sure where to get the best vaping hardware yet and want to try some mods? We can help. We guarantee that you will be the first to know about the release of new flavors, goods, and more! Being the largest wholesalers of vaping items in the UAE, we get first access to the newest products.

Before your local store has a chance to stock its shelves, our internet store will have everything you’re looking for! At Stone Hill, customer demands are our first priority and are constantly given priority. Because of this, we only offer you the best products on the market, and we constantly add new items to our website. Take a look around our collection, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with our helpful team if you have any questions or issues. They will be pleased to help.