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Shipping and logistics is a part of the supply chain which already have a different kind of activities such as ordering, purchasing, forwarding, warehousing.

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The manufacture of industrial equipment requires a vast knowledge base of
processes and understanding of fundamental concepts.

Leading Wholesale Electronics Distributor

SHW is a leading wholesale electronics distributor in Dubai, UAE. You will find all the big electronics brands under one roof at the best wholesale prices. Our product range extends from home appliances, home security, cameras, drones to computers, cell phones and their accessories. We keep you at the forefront of electronic trends by dealing in all the world’s trusted brand names. Buy electronics in bulk from SHW and get a super discounted price as compared to the skyrocketing retail price.

At SHW, we seek unique, innovative and convenient product solutions for our customers. Our variety ranges from simple cell phones to household electronics and luxury products from esteemed brand ranges like Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, LG, Intel and many more. We pride ourselves on being one of the top Apple products wholesale distributors. You can bulk order iPhones, Apple watches, iPads and Apple TVs from us. Samsung is a leading electronics brand in the market. From SHW, you can order Samsung smartphones, Tablets, Watches, Mobile accessories, TVs, Sound Devices, Refrigerators and all other products in the wholesale price range.

SHW has an up to the mark worldwide general trading reputation among its trading partners and customers. Our teams always remain up to date with the changing market trends concerning the IT world. We offer the latest computers, computer-related accessories and cameras including multirotor drone cameras in the wholesale price range that best suits our customers.

We have a smooth and efficient product shipping system that caters to all your needs and ships the right products to you immediately. We supply from UAE to USA, UK, Asia, and Europe and all over the world with all the required care and safety protocols needed for electronics. Our customer service aims at providing you with premium value electronics and products at the lowest possible prices.

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